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 Alien Spaceman Jesus  [Look] -
-Free ebook on current End Times events as predicted in the Book of Revelation, including 9/11 and the return of the Messiah.
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 Apocalypse Letter by Letter  [Look] -
-Book explaining symbols and sequence of events in the Book of Revelation.
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 Ben Israel - The Burning Bush  [Look] -
-Articles about prophecy and commentary on past, present, and future events plus books, videos, and tapes for sale.
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 Blending Salt and Spice, Joining Wisdom and Prophecy  [Look] -
-Article by Belden C. Lane asks in what way, if any, the pained cries of the prophets can be reconciled with the contentment of the wise.
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 Catholic Encyclopedia: Prophecy  [Look] -
-Says that in the strict sense, prophecy is the revelation of future events, but points out that in Scripture, prophecy may also be related to the gift of knowledge and sometimes is used to refer to divine inspiration concerning any secret.
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 Catholic Encyclopedia: Prophecy, Prophet, and Prophetess  [Look] -
-The nature and history of prophecy in Sacred Scripture, and how prophecy differs from divination.
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 Catholic Encyclopedia: Visions and Apparitions  [Look] -
-This article discusses the three divisions of apparitions: corporeal, imaginative and intellectual.
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 Christian prophecy, books on God's holiness, spiritual gifts  [Look] -
-An online prophetic ministry which defends biblical Christian doctrine, truth and practice from a prophetic perspective and refutes false teachings and practices by biblical reference.
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-Dedicated to the attainment and sharing of Bible truth. Students and researchers submit articles on various subjects of the Bible, and all information may be copied and shared freely. Studies include prophecies of the Kingdom of Heaven and the last days.
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 End Time Messengers, Watchmen On The Wall  [Look] -
-The Watchmen On the wall are Prophetic Messengers blowing the trumpet to warn us of impending judgements. articles,prophecy,end time ministries, and news in prophecy.
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