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 The Circle for the Anointed Savior  [Look] -
-Find the narrow path that few have found and most desire to avoid.
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 The Kingdom of Heaven Upon the Earth  [Look] -
-God Glorified - Revelation Of The Absolute Truth, by Kenneth Gardner Wingate. Reveals his extensive, meaningful, and miraculous contact with God. PDF format.
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 The Logos: the Truth, ... According to God's Mind!  [Look] -
-The existence of so many contrasting religious doctrines worldwide arises this question, does anyone really knows and understands the mind of God?
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 The Seat of the AntiChrist  [Look] -
-A report that explains the European Union from an Evangelical Christian perspective. It presents the reader with a road map to Armageddon that makes sense in terms of the present geopolitical framework.
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 The Secret Room  [Look] -
-Short version of The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom.
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 The Time Before The Flood  [Look] -
-Novels by Bruce W. Stevenson, based on the history of the ancient world according to the Bible. All of history laid out in time lines. Supporting physical evidence to support Biblical claims.
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 The Unveiling of the Trinity / A Biblical Account of the Mystery Revealed.  [Look] -
-Finally the answer to the mystery. Completely removes the confusion and shows the Trinity in the only perspective that it can be understood. Reveals what the doctrine failed to mention.
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 Today, Jesus Said  [Look] -
-"Today, Jesus Said" by Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. Review by Robin Bayne, Maryland, author of "Cougar Lake" and "Honor Bound" 24 December 2002: submitted to Buzzle eZine, Word Thunder, Authors Den, Christian e-Authors, Waltsan Publishing ~~ Rating: 5-stars Have you ever wished that you could meet Jesus face-to-face and hear his story directly from Him? Well, this book is probably as close as you will get to that in this world. Ms. Quesinberry, using the first person narrative voice, speaks to the reader as Jesus might. Starting with the creation of the world, Jesus paraphrases books of the Bible in a contemporary, easy to follow manner. He details his birth, life and death, and how it all ties together with God's plan for Earth from beginning to end. From Genesis through Revelation within 135 pages with all scripture references provided. Ms. Quesinberry urges readers to "forget everything taught from corporate Christendom's pulpits and schools," and explains why with scripture. Rather, she urges people to go to their own Bibles. This book is very well-written and encouraging, and would make a great companion for Bible study. I highly recommend it.
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 Trena J Bradford  [Look] -
-Christian Books and Gifts, Art, Speaker
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 Visions from the Spirit  [Look] -
-A book about my walk with God,take a journey with me guided by the Wisdom of God.It will make you rethink many thoughts about you and your Spirit.
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