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 Praize Bible Search  [Look] -
-Praize Find what you're looking for in the Bible fast with powerful online Bible search tools.
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 First Christmas Present  [Look] -
-Celebrate Jesus with The First Christmas PresentTM, gold painted nuggets (trace real gold) real frankincense and myrrh in a beautiful stained wooden box. A booklet explains the significance these gifts had in the destiny of Jesus. $9.95.
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 "Scripture Toolkit"- a Bible Study and Christian Fundraising Program  [Look] -
-"Scripture Toolkit" helps learners recall more Scripture with less memorization.
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-Monday, December 25, 5 B.C., of the old Julian calendar: Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.
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 A Bible Prophecy and Christianity Site  [Look] -
-Teaching and encouraging Christians to trust in God and to live a productive life while looking for the return of Jesus Christ.
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 A Bible Site; The Holy Bible: Bible Problems & Solutions  [Look] -
-ALL FREE Bible articles on vital subjects, scholarly up-to-date Bible Commentaries, Question & Answer facility, Bible Resources
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 A Bible Study Online Religion Library, Free  [Look] -
-Online Bible study guides: free Bible studies about religion, Jesus Christ, worship of God, Christianity, Jesus' church, salvation, faith, morality, and eternal life.
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 A Christian Walk- Bible Study  [Look] -
-You can be everything God intends for you to be. But first, you must KNOW who you are IN CHRIST. You are who God says you are!
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 A Daily Walk  [Look] -
-An evolving bible study on the internet working through the New Testament.
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 A Jesus Plus Nothing Site!  [Look] -
-Dedicated to the centrality of Jesus in the Christian life. Christ centred Bible studies, recommended reading, Jesus in every book of the bible. Teaching includes the types of Jesus in the Old Testament lives of Abraham, David, Isaac, Solomon, Boaz, and Jonathon. Spiritual warfare in the book of Nehemiah, the Christian walk in Ruth. Eternal security, Heaven and Hell, Israel and the end times, the Messiah in prophecy, rapture and the second coming, grace, Messianic Psalms.
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