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 Evidence & Christianity  [Look] -
-Step-by-step evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible.
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 Evidence For God  [Look] -
-Scientific and philosophical evidence and arguments for the existence of God.
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 Evidence for God from Science  [Look] -
-Provides evidence for Christian doctrine and the truth of the Bible through information on the design of the universe, evolution, and answers to common atheist challenges.
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 Evidence of God  [Look] -
-Evidence from archaeology, numerology, prophecy, testimonials, and exorcism.
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 Eyewitness Scriptures Concerning the Resurrection  [Look] -
-Portions of scripture considered to be evidence for the truth of the resurrection, with commentary.
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-Most great men and women of the past believed in God; many lived very devout Christian lives. Brilliance is not synonimous with atheism or agnosticism.
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-Most of the greatest scientists of the past believed in God; many lived very devout Christian lives.
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 God Exists: An Engineer Explains Why  [Look] -
-Book-length e-text by Peter Soszek.
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 God Seen Through the Eyes of the Greatest Minds  [Look] -
-Quotes by Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton and excerpt from a book by Michael Caputo on how great intellects led these and other geniuses to belief in God.
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 Jude Ministries  [Look] -
-Summarizes the major approaches to arguing that the Christian view of God is correct.
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