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 exWitch Australia  [Look] -
-Home pages of the ex High Priest of a Neo-Pagan Coven in Western Australia - Aims to educate about Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft and the occult in a fair & truthful manner
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 Faith Healing or fundamentalist excess  [Look] -
-Protect families, love children. Fundamentalist dogmatism threatens its followers through faith-healing abuse. You can help. Click in today, and see.
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 Focus on the Faulty  [Look] -
-A research organization investigating cults, the occult and apologetics. Articles, seminar information, Real Audio sermons, links and audio tapes to order.
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 God's Word Fellowship and Darwin Fish  [Look] -
-Information on the church and its leader, analysis of the doctrinal issues, and a description of one man's contact with the group.
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 Information on Cult Groups  [Look] -
-A Christian Outreach to those involved in cult groups.
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 J.E. Lowery Ministries  [Look] -
-Examines meditation, witchcraft, Ouija Board, contacting spirits, demonology, angels, psychics, and the occult in general.
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 Light of Truth Ministries  [Look] -
-Offers a public evaluation of "The Local Church" movement of Witness Lee.
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 MacGregor Ministries  [Look] -
-Many articles on Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, and other groups. Also includes information on child custody cases involving Jehovah's Witnesses and links to resources for purchase.
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 Mason's Opinions on Cults and Religious Abuse  [Look] -
-Poetry, news, legal counsel, a moderated message board, personal stories, and general information and support from ex-members of a destructive cult.
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 Mind Control Made Easy (Or, How to Become A Cult Leader)  [Look] -
-Carey Burtt's short film exposing cult recruitment techniques. Requires RealPlayer web browser plug-in.
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